S. a écrit ce texte. Grâce à Ariane Bosquet, nous pouvons le partager avec vous : 


Good morning Belgium,


I wish peace to all of you. this is Voice of Migrants. 

I do not know how to write but I have to write. First of all, I would like to thank you all the people of Belgium, especially those who can feel our pain and tears, who can share our problem and our trouble, who treat us as a human being and as a family. I can't write more because no word can express their humanity and kindness ... You are making the world easy to live. We can't reply your favour only God can do that ...

But sometimes we give up to leave. Because we feel alone, we feel understimated, we feel strange, we feel insulted, we feel missed, we feel pain, we feel no one, we feel lonely. No one can see the tear in our eye, no one understand the pain, no one understand how we passed through, no one can feel our pain and no one can see the fire which burns inside. People only ask you "what happened? " even they didn't understand but am really sure there is a day we can be proud of who we are, we will show as we have a power to change the world and we want to show how much we are useful and strong to this world ... I miss that day and it is so soon, not too far.


S., from Ethiopia



Tentoonstelling - veiling kunstwerken. De winsten zullen naar “Burgerplatform voor Steun aan Vluchtelingen” gaan;


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100% van de verworven fondsen gaat naar deze dagelijks actieve organisatie om mensen te helpen.



Une exposition-vente aux enchères d’œuvres d'art au profit de la Plateforme citoyenne de soutien aux réfugiés ;


Plus de 120 œuvres d'art offertes par des artistes amateurs, émergents et confirmés ; 


Plus de 120 acheteurs solidaires ;


100 % des fonds récoltés pour cette organisation active au quotidien pour aider des personnes.


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